We use this site to present brief reflections of the lectures, asking how they relate to this summer term’s theme Infrastructuring Indeterminacies.

Julie Sascia Mewes (Ruhr University Bochum) and Frauke Rohden (University of Oslo, CAIS Bochum)Timing Devices in AcademiaComment by
Phoebe Sengers (Cornell University)Time on the Edge of InfrastructureComment by
Laura Kocksch (TANTlab, Aalborg University Copenhagen)Fragile Computing – When Digital Security is Beyond RepairComment by
Andrey Korbut (Centre for Advanced Internet Studies, CAIS)Robotic Technoperformances: Interactional Indeterminacies in Public Appearances of Anthropomorphic RobotsComment by
Lindsay Poirier (Smith College)Juking the Stats: Ethnographies of Disclosure DatasetsComment by