Junior Lab Assistant

The RUSTlab is a safe space for experimenting with research methods following ethnography inspired approaches. We feel enthusiastic about the field of Science & Technology Studies (STS) and try to develop participatory, sustainable, open-ended and creative ways of doing research. For this extra­ordinary place inside the Ruhr-University Bochum, students can now apply to become a Junior Lab Assistant. (Note that you do not have to be a lab assistant to participate, see the overview for students.)


We encourage students to apply for becoming a Junior Lab Assistant volunteer and join our team of highly motivated and caring lab members. You will be part of the lab team and get many insights from the lab activities including research projects, teaching, workshops, event organising, or lab management. The position is not paid and considered an extracurricular activity. However, we take care that our Lab Assistants are rewarded by getting an insider’s perspective of research, learning how to participate in academic practices and discussions and getting support for organising own events and developing his or her own academic profile.

As a Junior Lab Assistant you…

  • are interested in learning about and studying the interplay of science, technology and society
  • develop and train ethnographically inspired research skills and experiment with methods and analysis
  • are caring about other lab members and students
  • want to join an academic community


Please write us an application including a letter of motivation that mentions your interest in Science & Technology Studies and preliminary ideas for a workshop or other event that you would like to engage in or organise. In addition, you can send us a CV and a list of skills that you would bring to the lab.

Send the application to rustlab@ruhr-uni-bochum.de


  • Co-organising events and workshops
  • Discuss literature and teachings concepts for seminars
  • Care for the STS library
  • Manage the RUSTlab social media channels and the homepage
  • Develop your own research project
  • Taking care of other lab members
  • Etc.