Write to the publisher’s pleasure:
A two-day PhD course with publisher Louise Haslund-Christensen

25-26 March 2020
Ruhr-Universität Bochum, FNO 01/ 135
Organised in collaboration between the RUSTlab, the RUB Research School and SecHuman

Apply for participation before 01.03.2020 to cupak-sowi@rub.de
Due to SARS-CoV-2 the workshop is postponed.

Past events

Crash Course Fieldwork, 21.-22. October 2019, 9:00h – 17:00h, Universitätsstraße 105, 2nd floor, room 201/202.

Wednesday, 4. September 2019 – Workshop “Telling Stories through Maps & Visualisations” with Prof. Dr. Helen Verrran (UDarwin, Australia)

Friday, 10. June 2019 – Workshop on Interdisciplinarity and public lecture by Prof. Andrew Barry (UCL)

11.-13. March 2019:
11. Doktorand*innen-Workshop für ethnographische Forschung
Homepage: https://ethnodoks.wordpress.com/