As student

Student participation is one of our core principals. We encourage students to get involved in lab activities and to request the lab room for their empirical projects. The lab is a place where students can come and find support for their fieldwork within Science & Technology Studies and related areas. There are no obligations.

There are several ways on how students can participate in the RUSTlab:

  • Visit the RUSTlab in our student lab time or write us an e-mail stating your interest in visiting the lab
  • Take one of our courses offered by the Chair of Cultural Psychology and Anthropology of Knowledge and ask for lab sessions
  • Come to the RUSTlab Lectures or join our Machine Room sessions. This is the easiest way, and we encourage you to listen to the presentations and discuss with us. No prior knowledge of specific topics is required, and we want to avoid overly abstract, i.e. elitist, discussions.
  • Ask for an internship as a Junior Lab Assistant. If you are interested in an internship get in contact and we check out how you can assist us as a Junior Lab Assistant.

Just drop a message if you want to know more: rustlab[at]