Coding is a constant process and a matter of concern in everything we do. It offers the work in progress of our commitment, practices and codes of conduct for being together in the RUSTlab. It serves as a record of our work and serves navigation purposes since in it we note our wishes for the future and things to take care of in the present. It transpires what the Lab desires, materializes our imaginaries, and documents our experience. But most importantly, its existence and iterative revisions are devices for continuously reminding ourselves to consider how we do academia and if this indeed corresponds to academia as we want it.

Below you can access the current PDF version of our coding. This is not a polished finished version, there are still plenty of things to clarify. But it is a good start. You can find some more general notes on about About site.

This Lab coding emerges out of local discussions and is tightly knitted into our experiences in academia and our fields alike. We were inspired by the CLEAR Lab book of the Civic Laboratory for Environmental Action Research in Turtle Island and the introduction to this book by Martina Schlünder in 2019. Readers familiar with Science & Technology Studies (STS) vocabulary will recognize implicit references to STS work. However, we have refrained from referencing work explicitly, as we want to read the Lab coding more as a flow of reflections on practice than as a scholarly text.

Click the image or access the PDF here.

One more thing, you are of course free to use and adopt this document.