Here you find our Lecture series for the current term, which is for Winter 2020/21. Feel free to attend and write an e-mail in case there are texts circulating prior to a lecture.

This semester, we have a guiding theme, which is: Data & Experimentalism. We thus specifically inquire into how pragmatist experimentalism can conceptually and practically help re-tooling social scientific practices, and how data may engender, contradict, combine or in other ways be involved in this. Here is a PDF we more details on the theme that we also shared with the presenters. We use this website to document the input from the presenters.

Due to COVID 19, all lectures will be live on ZOOM
ID: 998 8663 5576
PW: raum4?

We meet thursdays from 4-6pm (see below for the exact dates). See time conversion.

Poster RUSTlab lectures winter 20/21. The design is a nod to the (quite experimental and pathbreaking) game of Super Mario Bros, which celebrates its 35th anniversary this year.

List of the presenters for the winter term:

12.11.  Mace Ojala (Copenhagen): Experiencing collective accounts of “touch”: Analyzing software maintainers just speak
19.11.  Ana Delgado (Oslo): Making nature public again: digital extractivism, augmented promise and missing publics [Ana changed the topic of her talk to reflect on our semester’s theme: Cultures of Documentation, ownership and the multiple ways of open biology].

03.12.  Tim Schuetz (Irvine) & Shan-Ya Su (Taipei): Civic Data for the Anthropocene: Following Taiwan’s Formosa plastics

17.12.  Olga Galanova (Bochum): Experimenteller Zugang zu geheimdienstlichen Daten

07.01.  Noortje Marres (Warwick) & Tanja Bogusz (Kassel): Testing: A mode of experimentalism?

14.01.  Ruth Dorothea Eggel (Bonn): Digital gaming embodied: Ethnographic serendipity and lucky chances at gaming events

21.01.  Ryoko Asai (Bochum): Family life and technology: How people live with social robots in Japan

28.01.  Julie Mewes (Bochum): Temporalities of Sleep: Sleep, Shift work, and the absence of a ‘natural’ sleep circle

Download the PDF files of all posters