Join the RUSTlab lectures this summer 2022

This summer term 2022 we present to you our 7th round of RUSTlab Lectures. Come and join us on-site at the RUSTlab in Bochum or tune in live via ZOOM, Thursdays from 14:15-15:45 hrs UTC+2 (convert time) for exiting talks and discussions around this term’s guiding theme: Data Traces

Poster RUSTlab lectures summer 2022

All lectures will be on-site at the RUSTlab as well as live on ZOOM, Fridays from 14:15-15:45 hrs UTC+2 (convert time).

Address: Universitätstr. 104, 44799 Bochum, Room 201
Password: RUSTlab

Data Traces

What are data, but traces? Traces of breathing life, of long-lost beings, of the smallest movement or of the largest universes. They are passages from phenomena, events or practices to reading, computing and interpretation. Data translate traces, they sort and infrastructure traces. And data generate their own traces. This term we’ll think about data as traces; traces that are inscribed into technology, translated and accumulated.

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