Join us this Friday, July 2nd, from 9:00-10:00 am UTC+2 ( to hear Julie Mewes & Ingmar Lippert present their work on “Data, Methods and Writing: Methodographies of STS Ethnographic Collaboration in Practice”.

Their work involved the editorship of a soon to be published special issue for Science and Technology Studies. Seeking out feedback and lively discussion for Friday’s breakfast lecture, Julie Mewes and Ingmar Lippert approach us with a note: “Since, at the moment, we are finalizing the SI’s introduction, we took the liberty to slightly change the format. After an introduction on methodography as a genre for STS ethnography and the single papers of the SI, we would very much like to hear your ideas about what “being ethnographic about ethnography” should entail to further the methodological discussion concerning STS ethnography.
For this, we would like you to read the current draft of our introduction. If you do not have access to RUST’s Slack, we kindly ask you to send a mail to We are looking forward to a lively discussion!”

All lectures will be live on ZOOM
ID: 998 8663 5576
PW: raum4?

You will find additional resources and information on this term’s guiding theme Data: What are they? What do they do? on our website at