Estrid Sørensen

In the lab we seek better ways to knit and stitch academia together across differences.

Leman Çelik

The lab is a free space to discuss, explore and link new ways in academic research related to STS.

Laura Kocksch

The lab is the perfect place to experiment with new methods and tools while also reflecting them with an STS sensibility.

Julie Mewes

The lab is good to think with.

Mace Ojala

Here we can test out ideas together with other labrats.

Lynn Werner (student)

As a student, the lab is a great place to explore academic ideas and methods in a more creative and collaborative way.

Miriam Bachmann (student)

The RUSTlab is a place to question what you think you know and harness your creativity to overcome that challenge.

Markus Rudolfi

The lab is a tool to practice research beyond standards and sometimes its dangerously much fun.

Andreas Warneke (student)

The lab is like a box of chocolates – at a chocolate fondue party with people lively discussing new recipes while enjoying the food.

Ryoko Asai 

The lab is a challenging place, which stimulates us to be creative.

Ruth Dorothea Eggel

The lab encourages me to tinker with thought, rethink academic processes and experiment with ideas alongside others.

Olga Galanova

The Lab is a space, where there is no place for a scientific loneliness.

Stefan Laser

Doing STS research means challenging the status quo – materially, methodologically, personally. The lab helps reflect our own challenges. And as a last resort, we have a couch.

Fabian Pittroff

The lab is an open and optimistic infrastructure for doing research.

Koushik Ravi Kumar

The lab is where I learn to navigate the confusing world of academics and academia, through help and support.

Jan Schmutzler

The lab is your safety net in a vertiginous academia.

Raphael Hemme

The lab is like a dojo, where you can go to learn the art(s) of ethnography. If you stumble, you land on a padded floor.

Abigail Nieves Delgado

I believe research methods create ontologies and we should take time to reflect on that.