Lecture by Anton Poikolainen Rosén on “More Than Human-Centered Design in Urban Farming”

Join us this Thursday, May 12th, from 14:15-15:45 hrs UTC+2 (convert time) to hear Anton Poikolainen Rosén present his work on “More Than Human-Centered Design in Urban Farming”.

User-centered design has been a fundamental part of the development of successful technology. However, this inclination towards human needs implies that less attention has been directed at other non-human actors. The emerging approach of ‘more than human-centered design’ steps away from seeing other organisms as inferior to humans or valuable only as resources. This move means that design research methods need to be augmented, hybridized, and remade. Antons’ thesis work investigates how this could be done more concretely. The talk covers an introduction to more than human-centered design, an overview of his studies and design experiments, and a demonstration of a toolkit he developed with the intention to make more-than-human theories and considerations more concretely accessible in design processes.

Anton is a final year PhD student enrolled in informatics at Umeå University, Sweden and employed by media technology at Södertörn University, Stockholm, Sweden. For the past four years he has conducted ethnographic participant observation and design work in urban farming communities. The research contributes to the fields of Human-Computer Interaction, Interaction design, and Sustainable ICT. His design research portfolio is available at www.poiros.com

Location: on campus (Universitätsstr. 104, 2nd floor, 44799 Bochum) and Zoom
Zoom Link: https://tinyurl.com/RUSTlab

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