Lecture by Markus Rudolfi on “Struggling for words: Plants, data, and the Iron Curtain”

Join us this Friday, February 11th, from 14:00-15:30 hrs UTC+1 (convert time) to hear Markus Rudolfi present his work on “Struggling for words: Plants, data, and the Iron Curtain” (online lecture).

How do plant species enter a database when the grounds on which they grow are challenged in multiple ways? Two ethnographic stories from a floristic project in a transboundary protected area, which used to be part of the Iron Curtain, will highlight the difficulties of generating floristic data in a transnational context. Through the stories, the talk further discusses the role of naming and description in times of accelerated biodiversity loss.

Markus Rudolfi has been a Research associate in sociology at Goethe University Frankfurt since December 2019. Before that he was a research associate at Ruhr University Bochum, where he is now an exoteric member of the RUSTlab. Doing a PhD thesis on more-than-human sociality at a Czech-German nature conservation area his fields of interest span between science and technology studies, political ethnography, and environmental sociology.

Due to the pandemic the lecture will be given online only via ZOOM.
ZOOM: https://tinyurl.com/RUSTlab 
Password: RUSTlab

You will find additional resources and information on this term’s guiding theme Data Concepts: Key terms in experimentalist data studies here on our website.