Lecture with Sebastian Merkel on “Digital health competence”

Join us this Friday, January 28th, from 14:00-15:30 hrs UTC+1 (convert time) to hear Sebastian Merkel present his work on “Digital health comeptence“ (online lecture).

The talk argues that health literacy and ehealth literacy are competences becoming more and more relevant against the background of digitalization of health and healthcare. It tries  to highlight current developments. Therefore, firstly, competence as a general concept will be briefly summarized. Then, the focus will be set on health literacy and ehealth literacy covering definitions, concepts, and measurements. Lastly, the concept of ehealth literacy will be critically engaged and the scope expanded beyond “classical” approaches.

Due to the pandemic the lecture will be given online only via ZOOM.
ZOOM: https://tinyurl.com/RUSTlab
Password: RUSTlab

You will find additional resources and information on this term’s guiding theme Data Concepts: Key terms in experimentalist data studies here on our website.